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You will get the most secured Cloud infrastructure and the best software platform to


your core business, communication, and collaboration processes.

All-in: IaaS from Oracle and SaaS from Meninx

You will get the best Cloud infrastructure, scalable, reliable, secured software solutions to manage and develop your business, stress-free.

You will reduce your IT and operation costs

Instead of buying expensive servers, licenses, and software solutions, it´s better to rent them based on your usage. It´s more economical and sustainable.

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Selecting and deploying a business application is never an easy or fun task. The Meninx Cloud computing program is the best way to run your business successfully.

With our solutions in the Cloud, you will gain in terms of flexibility and scalability, simplify your operation, and speed it up. Thanks to new and updated features, minimize your application costs, and finally, improve your overall company performance and time management.
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This is why you should choose usThe offering for a Cloud solution is quite large. However the choice is restricted to big suppliers such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google, or local and small data centers.
Meninx and Oracle offer you the best deal for size, price, and security.

Why talk about data security and confidentiality in the Cloud, if your data center is subject to the American Cloud Act? With Meninx and Oracle, feel free. Contact us to get all the information about this important topic.

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Your objectives are our mission
 You can invest in an expensive IT infrastructure, buy servers, buy licenses, employ specialists to maintain it, or start smartly developing your operation in the Cloud. We will advise you, we will support you, and we will provide you with the best solutions at the best price.

Building a Cloud strategy leads to huge savings and productivity increases if you´re doing it with the right partners. Choosing Meninx and Oracle will simplify this process, and allow you to save money.

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With us and our services, you will winNow is no longer the time to think long and hard about the best strategy for developing your business over the medium and long term. The right decisions must be made quickly because the market is changing at an incredible speed.

With Meninx and Oracle, be advised by experienced consultants, be fast and effective in your deployment, save a lot of money and enrich your services portfolio with outstanding new solutions, opportunities, and business vision.

The following short video will tell you more than 1,000 words (Jean-Christophe Godinaud, CEO Meninx Group)

Benefit from both the best IT infrastructure and outstanding business solutions

Buying and maintaining an IT infrastructure is cost intensive. You must employ specialists, pay their salaries, care about breakdowns, permanently invest in hardware and software updates, fight against malicious attacks, and protect your networks, etc. With the Meninx Cloud Infrastructure (from Oracle), you will benefit from the best-of-breed IT Infrastructure, heavily reducing your IT and human resources costs.

All services provided by Meninx in its Cloud use a click price model. For this reason, you will benefit from the most powerful business solutions, without any fix costs. You will pay for what you consume! You will drastically reduce your operational costs and cancel most of your planned investments. You will save a lot of money, and therefore, increase your profit.

Your teams will benefit from our most requested digital transformation programs, using our powerful solutions, increasing data security and confidentiality, simplifying collaboration, constantly connecting to your clients and processes stakeholders, automatically reporting, and tracking errors and process progress.

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"Meninx in the Cloud" is our program for the support of your company´s migration to a secure, scalable, and visionary cloud environment.

You will benefit from a multitude of business development services. Although the list below is not exhaustive, it will give you a brief overview of how Meninx and Oracle can help you develop your business, and increase your revenue and profit.

Teams, time, and project management

You will better manage your teams´ daily tasks, your reporting, and your projects, in relation to your customers and partners. Save money and be more productive in generating more revenue and better profitability.

Core business processes management

You will increase the productivity of your company, its performance in terms of quality management and customer satisfaction, its ability and agility in serving your customers by digitizing and automizing all of your core business processes.


All your processes involve documents such as letters, contracts, or invoices. The creation and storage of these documents is a heavy burden for a company. With our solutions, thanks to their easy integration in your ERP or CRM, your employees will be able to manage all these documents simply, quickly, and in a controlled process, for the greatest fluidity and security of your operation.

Data confidentiality and security

You must be fully confident that your data will be managed securely and treated with the utmost confidentiality. You also know that the GDPR law imposes a certain number of obligations on you. There´s no need to worry anymore. Our solutions are perfectly compatible with these requirements. Contact us to obtain all certificates and legal attestations.

Accounting and analytics

The digitalization and automation of your business, communication, or collaboration processes is a good ambition to have. However, you must guarantee their perfect traceability. You must also be able to invoice your services with complete transparency. This is why it is important to have a solution for logging events and collecting all your operational data. With Meninx, you will be able to calculate your Key Performance Indicators, create your invoices, and measure the performance and profitability of your company.

Case management

Originally, case management was applied to the health and human protection professions. Meninx wanted to extend this scope to include the handling of all cases, whatever your field of activity: complaints, new requests, contract suspensions, etc. Thanks to our solutions, you will now be able to manage each individual case of one of your clients or prospects in order to deliver the best service and quality on time. Your reputation and your ability to generate more business is at stake.

Mailing and campaigns management

You will promptly inform your clients and prospects about your new services, your activities, changes via newsletters. You will acquire new clients thanks to guided and powerful digital campaigns. You will increase awareness of your company, and therefore, your revenue and profit too.

Document management

All your documents are precious. They contain all your knowledge as well as the history of your company. They allow the transmission of knowledge between your employees, you, and your customers or partners, and the harmony of your operation. Whatever the source of your documents or their type, you will be able, thanks to our solutions, to manage them in a useful, intelligent, and secure way. You´ll see that you will save a lot of time and money.

Publishing (Web2Print)

Whether you own a publishing center or not, whether you have high-performance, high-quality printing equipment or not, the production of brochures, PowerPoint presentations, flyers, and financial or operational reports is a heavy task. With our publishing solutions, you will simplify the preparation, production, and distribution of all your marketing products, whatever their type and whatever finish they require: stapling, binding, punching, etc.

PDF stream processing and production

You probably have ERP, CRM, or other document-generating applications. These documents are prepared in PDF format. You would like to automate production, archiving, and distribution. Would you eventually like to enrich them with datamatrix or QR codes, page backgrounds, additional information, etc.? Does this task require certain business rules that prevent you from reaching your objectives in terms of productivity? Look no further, finally, here you have solutions for processing your PDF streams, whether transactional or publishing. You´ll save time and money.

Stocks and logistics

You would like to improve the performance of your stock management and deliveries. You also carry out delivery rounds with partners or on your own. Do you have an inventory management solution such as SAP and would like to be more flexible? Use our Logistics Management solutions in the Cloud. You will benefit from new mobile technologies (Samsung smartphones and tablets), RFID/NFC technology for reading article and stock location codes. In combination with our flow digitization programs, your logistics processes will get a big boost.

Management of eDocuments

Even if the printing of certain documents remains the norm, the reduction of printed matter is a strong trend (already more than 80% for almost 5 years in some sectors of the industry). You can benefit from new services and save a lot of money by digitizing your processes and using new digital communication channels, e.g., web applications, emails, E-Post, eBills, WhatsApp discussions, SMS, etc. Our solutions provide perfect support for these channels, to save you money and time. With the use of these new channels, you also contribute to the protection of the environment and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Costs reduction

There are no secrets! Improving your profitability also means reducing your operational costs. Knowing your bottlenecks, the level of performance of your processes, and your productivity requires means of measurement, analysis, and recommendations. With our services and solutions, you can finally set up a modern and efficient infrastructure, thanks to our tools for digitizing your processes and measuring your performance.

Transactional data and file processing

Whatever the size of your company, whatever your means, if you send documents en masse to your customers, you know the difficulties. Data quality, pre-processing, batch composing, post-processing, and distribution all have their share of complexity. We have the technologies that will revolutionize your work processes by making them simpler and more transparent. Automating these flows is possible, as is improving traceability. Put a turbo in your document production engine thanks to our document management services according to the Industry 4.0 concept.

Reporting and tracking

You will be able to rethink your business strategy, development and growth. With the Meninx solutions in the Cloud, and their innovative monitoring, reporting, and performance analysis functions, you will now be able to collect all the operational and financial data you need to plan your changes and the route to follow to improve quality, service portfolio, and customer care. We will always be at your side to support and assist you in your project of excellence.


You will be able to access a large number of suppliers and digitize your tender processes (EON, ITB, EOI, RFI, RFQ, RFP) with ease. You will save time and immediately find the best products at the best prices. Forget paper tenders, which are tedious in terms of analysis. Go digital.

Surveys and notations

You will know how your customers feel about being partners, and how they feel about your company. Your employees will also be able to rate your suppliers and, if you wish, their management. They will also have checklists to help them in their daily quality management.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Are you concerned about the persistence of your operation? With our cloud-based solutions, you can simply access our backup and operational business continuity services. Ensuring the continuity of your operation is one of our most important missions. You can count on us and our expert partners to support you throughout our partnership.

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